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INTERVIEW: Olivier Giraud - How to become parisian in one hour?

16 October, 2009 16:22  EasyExpat EasyExpat

One man show: How to become parisian in one hour?You love Paris but you think that Parisian are rude! You're right, they are! You are too nice and you want to become arrogant and learn the typical Parisian language, facial expression.

Olivier Giraud is a young comedian is playing a One Man Show in Paris, Théâtre de la Main d'Or until December, and answer our questions below.

Can you talk about your activity?

I am a French comedian and I'm doing a stand up comedy show 100% in English "How to become parisian in one hour?"; I'm playing for three months and the show becomes successful.

I'm planning to play this show in America and England in 2010.

What is the profile of your audience?

The audience is mainly foreigners living in Paris (Americans, English , Australians ); they come to understand the Parisian mentality! By the way the Parisians are coming as well to laugh at themselves!

Why did you write and play a show in English in Paris?

I used to live in America and so many people told me that they were in love with Paris, but they were disappointed about the night life because except the expensive show like the Lido, nothing were made for tourists. When I came back to live again in Paris, I thought of creating this show.

Could you tell us a little bit more about  the show?Olivier Giraud: How to become parisian in one hour?

I'm pointing out the cultural differences between tourists and Parisians. How to act excacty as a Parisian in a shop, restaurant, taxi, metro, club etc......... The show is playing every Tuesday and Wednesday, Theatre de la main d'or, 75011 Paris. (metro Ledru Rollin ).

Any other activity?

I'm also doing private shows for companies.

Can you speak about the difference regarding other shows?

I'm offering the only show 100% in English, so I don't have any competitors! It's perfect this way!!!

What advantages/discounts could you offer to our readers?

I'm doing 50% off to EasyExpat's readers, so it's 10€ instead of 20€ (just mention it when buying)


The show is playing every Tuesday and Wednesday, Theatre de la main d'or, 75011 Paris (metro Ledru Rollin ).

Next year in the US and Canada.




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