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12 October, 2009 17:50  EasyExpat EasyExpat logoPresentation offers an English resume writing service for non-English native speakers. was established in answer to the low success rate of job applications from international candidates and to support them in their job search overseas.

Anne, from is answering our questions. Anne -

Can you talk about your company?
Our unique service goes way beyond resume translation as our clients benefit from a personal consultation with a bilingual expert in recruitment, who will identify their skills and competencies, advise them and tailor their resumes to help them reach their career goals.
Can you talk about your activity/process?

Our approach is personal and straight-forward. Our clients are first contacted by phone for a personal consultation. This conversation will allow the resume writer to fully understand our clients’ career objectives and to gather all the necessary information to develop the content of their resumes. Our clients will receive a first draft within a couple of days. We will write a final version of their documents based on their revisions and have it proof-read before emailing them.

We praise ourselves for not using templates. All the resumes we provide are unique, completely tailored to the client’s skills, qualifications, experience and achievements, as well as their target country.

Do you offer additional services?
Our service concentrates exclusively on providing our clients with the highest quality job hunting documents.

In addition to our resume writing service, we can provide a resume translation and formatting service and we also write cover letters for our clients who wish to apply for specific positions. 

Because our team of consultants are composed of experienced HR and Recruitment professionals, it keeps us aware of any developments in the recruitment process and ensures that our clients are provided with the most up-to-date and consistent resumes to maximise their chances of finding the best job opportunity.

What is the profile of your clients?
The profile of our clients ranges from students looking for internships to experienced professionals seeking international roles.  These last few months we have helped a lot of people recently made redundant and willing to try their luck outside of their home countries.

The majority of our clients are French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese nationals looking for employment in international companies and/or in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Can you speak about your service/ and the difference regarding competitors?
We believe our service is very unique as we offer our clients a complete English resume writing service that is not only personalised through individual consultations, but also adapted to the country of their choice.

Our competitors we are aware of only offer resume translation services which we only recommend to our clients if the original documents are already developed and formatted appropriately. To put it bluntly, what it is the point of translating a resume that is not well structured in the first place?

Where we truly add value is with the advice we offer to enhance the content of your resume and highlight your skills and competencies in the best possible way.

What is your activity on the Internet?
Being present on the Web is central to our service. In fact, this is what allows us to virtually operate across borders and reduce service delivery time to a minimum.

Irrespective of our clients’ and consultants’ locations, we always manage to communicate efficiently using phone calls and emails.

What discounts could you offer to our readers?

  • We will offer all readers of EasyExpat a 10% discount on our services if they mention EasyExpat when they contact us.

This special offer will be valid until the end of the year 2009.

We are confident we can really make a difference in their job search and we look forward to working with them to bring them one step closer to a successful international career!




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