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Festivals around the world this October

17 September, 2009 11:35  EasyExpat EasyExpat

As autumn slinks into the northern hemisphere, the parties are still going strong. Here’s a round up of the some of the fascinating, fun and downright rowdy festivals happening around the world this October.

Boat Racing Festival, Laos
14th – 15th October
This festival is held after the end of the monks’ three-month fast and retreat during the rainy season. Dawn sees temples packed with devotees offering donations. The evenings are for festivities. Join in the numerous candle-light processions and enjoy the sight of hundreds of colourful floats decorated with flowers, incense and candles as they are set adrift down the Mekong River to pay respect to the river spirit

Diwali, India
17th October
This is one of India’s most popular festivals. Dubbed the Festival of Lights, the country is taken over by five days of festivities, fireworks, colours and lamps. People light diyas or traditional lamps in their homes and prayers are offered to the Goddess of Wealth. Gifts are exchanged and sweets and rich food are the order of the day.

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Lake Eden Arts Festival, North Carolina, USA
15th October – 18th October
Dubbed as one of the hippest festivals on the East Coast, the Lake Eden Arts Festival is a treat for the eyes and soul. Set amidst the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, streams, lakes and natural beauty meet music and art making it a truly memorable experience.

Solstice at Abu Simbel, Egypt
22nd October
The temples of Abu Simbel are the main reason that tourists flock to this part of Egypt and the area's main festivals and historical events relate to the Temple of Ramses ll. Twice a year in spring and autumn, the temple is a source of major excitement, when the strong sunlight penetrates the temple's inner sanctuary and illuminates the four statues of the gods, which reside deep within the temple. Catch the excitement on 22nd October when you can witness the shafts of sunlight slowly creeping some 200 feet until the statues are effectively in the natural spotlight.

Halloween, USA
31st October
Though mainly celebrated in the USA, Halloween has now become the excuse for many a costume party around the world. So pull out a scary costume, match it with a mask, carve up a pumpkin and join the Halloween fun.

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The Horse Festival, Tissa, Morocco

Early October
The world famous Horse Festival held in Tissa is not just for horse lovers. Culture lovers and time travelers will rejoice as well. Originally, held in honour of Sidi Muhammad ben Lahcen, a man of God of the 15th century, it has now become an elaborate horse show set in a medieval theme. Men come to show off their pure bred Arabian stallions, Barbary mares and the Arab-Berber horses. They compete for prizes, wear elaborate costumes and show off their mounts. One to check out if you’re in the neigbourhood. 

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
19th September – 4th October
In these 16 days, the population of Munich almost doubles. And with good reason. Beer lovers from around the world are drawn to the Oktoberfest to drink, party and celebrate and pay tribute to their favourite ale.  Join in this Bavarian party and don’t forget your lederhosen and drendils.

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Sidd Lobo

Freelance writer based out of Munich



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