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Languages of the world

14 August, 2009 13:36  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Back in March, we were talking about the most spoken languages in the world followed by an article on the endangered languages. Mandarin (with the 1.2 billion of Chinese), English and Spanish are of course topping the list of the most populars.

The language website has created a world map that shows some of the many languages of the world, where they are spoken and how many people speak them. This language map means you can now see the most spoken language on each continent!

Languages spoken around the world - picture from
[click on the image to see it bigger]

You can order your own bigger copy of the world map HERE offers translations in many different languages, ranging from colloquial and regional expressions to more technical or field-specific vocabulary. They also feature language quizzes for you entertainement.


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