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Top 10 Summer Travel Accessories

06 July, 2009 15:12  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Planning a summer vacation? From sand pillows to floating phones, here are some quirky accessories to make sure you have even more fun in the sun.

Sand pillows

This is a hot new accessory. These easy-to-carry, nylon-coated pillows are made of the same material wetsuits are made of so you’ll never have to worry about wet towels under your head and sand in your hair again. They’re also super-easy to use. Just open the hook, fill with sand and close the hook for your own comfy sand pillow. Perfect for any beach holiday.

Waterproof floating phone

Now you can splash around in the pool and still answer your calls. This fully submersible cordless phone is designed to withstand the elements. Its outer shell protects it if dropped in water or exposed to rain, and the handset floats – perfect for those of you who love to make a splash in the water and the social scene.

Aqua Tune

It keeps getting better. Not only can you talk on the phone while you’re in the water, with the Aqua Tune, you can also listen to your favourite music. Aqua Tunes is a small water tight case designed for mp3 players that you can use as a belt around your waist. Perfect for any watersport – you can now surf, sail, swim or snorkel without compromising on your music.

Why carry 10 books when you can carry a Kindle? Kindle can be a perfect summer holiday accessory. This wireless reading device lets you read any book, anywhere. Just buy the book and it’s delivered wirelessly to your Kindle in less than a minute.

Waterproof playing cards
Enjoy your all time favourite card games in your all time favourite water spot. Whether you’re out by the pool or on a camping holiday, you can enjoy your game of cards without worrying about getting them wet and mushy.

Beer opener Shoe
This is perfect for those of you whose two main loves are the beach and beer. These sandals make sure you’re always prepared for that chilled bottle of beer. Just get your slippers off your feet, use the back to open up your bottle and start drinking. Works great as long as you don’t mind using your slippers as a bottle opener.

Bug off patch
Headed off on a tropical holiday? Here’s a simple way to keep the bugs away. This convenient, bug off patch is an easy way to keep insects and mosquitoes away form you. No smelly sprays and no chemicals. Just a simple, natural patch that can be used anywhere at any time… and a single patch works for 36 hours.

Gorilla pad
This is no ordinary tripod  - the gorilla pod is designed with the serious photographer in mind. With over two dozen flexible leg joints that bend and rotate, the Gorillapod will firmly secure your compact digital camera to virtually any surface — anywhere and everywhere. The perfect accessory for photographers on the go.

Sport radio pillow
Lie down and listen to your favourite music station. This innovative AM/FM is touch activated and has volume and channel controls. Just don’t turn around too much… you might swap channels if you do.

Pet beds
Taking your pet along? This is a great way to keep your best friend comfy and your car clean. The pet bed or Dog Hog features a thick cushioned fleece bed that’s warm in winter and cool in summer and can be used indoors or out and about. What’s more, it’s also got outer pockets to store treats, toys, grooming items and other stuff you'll need to keep your pet happy.


Sidd Lobo

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