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02 July, 2009 17:06  EasyExpat EasyExpat

As we have just changed the design of EasyExpat, you will find bellow some print screen of the previous versions (you can also comment on the forum)

2001 - EasyExpat was called EasyAbroad: static website

easyexpat.com v1 - it was called EasyAbroad

2002 - Just before to become EasyExpat: dynamic... hmm trying to be serious in grey

easyexpat.com v1.5

2002-2007 - Except the colours, with the expansion of city guides, most of the changes are internal with new services, new sections...

easyexpat.com v2

2007-2009 - as screens got larger, the design enlarged its columns. The map has changed to show who is connected in the world; and always more services.

easyexpat.com v2.5

2009- ta ta !

easyexpat.com v3



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