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The Top 4 Reasons to Travel During a Recession

16 June, 2009 15:34  EasyExpat EasyExpat

The recession has brought about a lot of chaos in the financial and economic world, but travel is one of the few sectors that can increase revenue worldwide. So many countries have been hit hard by recession and inflation rates that they are on a huge budget, dropping prices everywhere; Iceland has decent hotels running from $60 a night. This is extremely low considering previous rates for similar hotels in Europe. Rates all over the world have dropped, making this an ideal time to travel the world; additionally, many of us have been laid off recently, so why not make a dent in the economy and travel while you’re at it.

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and many countries that have been hit hard in the economic downturn has become much different than it once was. Now many Americans can afford to stay in luxury hotels and travel to countries they could not previously afford to vacation in. While the exchange rate is not wonderful in all countries, it is still substantially lower in popular destinations, such as England and Australia (relatively speaking).

Cheap Flights

Competition between rival airlines has caused it to become a customer’s market, with fares dropping daily in order to compete effectively in the market for tickets. The price of oil is finally beginning to get back on track, but it is still relatively low when compared to previous rates; this results in lower fares all across the spectrum.  Because of these low rates, airlines are also inclined to offer discounted packages, even teaming with hotels to ensure they attract customers. Additionally, the offers that many credit card companies offer with regards to flight miles are still usable, although you need to use them soon to ensure you will get the amount you were promised; many credit card companies are changing these policies as an effect of their dwindling corporations.

Money in the Economy

The only way to get the economy back to normal is to get it running again; consumerism is the only possible way to help the economy out. By travelling around the world, we will assist the global economy back onto its feet, which will only further result in good financial news for the United States.  Economists around the world have maintained that this is the only way to ease ourselves out of a recession; rather than sit at home and conserve our money, we need to put money back into the economy to see improved results.

Everyone Wants your Business

The recession has caused many hotels and services to compete for your business, resulting in better service for you as the customer overall. Additionally, with the job market being the way it is, employees will furthermore be in danger of losing their jobs if they do not treat you with the best service possible; even if they do offer you poor service, they are easily replaceable with the amount of people looking for jobs.

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