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07 March, 2006 23:58  EasyExpat EasyExpat Do you know That's a worldwide Internet (maybe soon FM too) radio station exclusively for expats. Wherever you are, you can easily listen to the expatsradio programmes, just by clicking on Listen Now and then choosing the day you want to listen to.

Well, it's talking (in English) about France as the main topic currently, but you will have soon a lot of other countries (Spain, ...) where expats are living added. Nice news isn't it? Even better, you will be able to hear something about Easy Expat on the radio. Well, it's talking a bit about me (as the founder) but I tried to keep it short so it's not too borring (with my poor delicious French accent ;-) and then I moved to talk about Easy Expat, and a presentation of the website, why we focus on cities (instead of countries), and all the other services that Easy Expat is offering (for free!) including a blog platform.

You can listen to my performance ;-) directly below:

or - this week only - on (click Tuesday).

I'm currently discussing with the radio as we might try to make it regularly, talking about different topics. Next time may be about blogs and how they offer a great opportunity for expats. Any other suggestion is welcome of course...



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radio [Reply]

Great article! It is very interesting to hear about your enthusiasm of your expat experiences.

Lorna     10 Mar 2006, 03:07

The radio [Reply]

Thanks for letting us know the existence of this interesting radio.
They should by the way be made available as real podcasts so that we can listen to their shows on the go with our portable devices.

Pierre-Philippe     10 Mar 2006, 17:13

radio star [Reply]

Wonderfull ! I love you accent !

Manu De Oliveira     10 Mar 2006, 19:42


Yes I know, I tried my best French accent... ;-)

  EasyExpat     10 Mar 2006, 19:47