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How to post a podcast

02 March, 2006 02:59  EasyExpat EasyExpat

Podcast - or videocast - are the two new great features in the blog area. The first one allows to put some audio file on your blog (as we did here) and the second one is showing videos on blogs (using for example

But how to post a podcast on your BlogExpat ?

1) upload the mp3 file via the resource center
2) create a new post
3) type the contents of the post and include a link to your mp3 file. Please use the "add resource" link.
4) Now the podcast is ready. Take a look at the RSS 2.0 feed for your blog and you'll see an <enclosure ...> tag pointing to your mp3 file.

You can include a link to the file by inserting a ressource in the text box of your post. You can also have a look directly in you ALBUM on the blog, to see the file ready to be downloaded.

  • In order to put some button to run it like on EasyExpat's blog, you can use Dewplayer, with a piece of code that you insert in you blog directly (you need to insert into the html directly. To edit your text into HTML format, use the button < >). It will be such as (replace the name of your album and your_song):

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="/plugins/dewplayer.swf?son=/blog/resource/your album/download/your_song.mp3" width="200" height="20">

<param name="movie" value="/plugins/dewplayer.swf?son=/blog/resource/your album/download/your_song.mp3" />



Happy podcast!!!


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links and seo [Reply]

Okay well I'm a newb into web development and domaining, but I have a few questions about PageRank.

1. On average, about how long does it take to get to PageRank 1?

2. Is there any sites with PageRank 10?

3. How often does google update PageRanks?

4. How do you get PageRank?

5. How many [url=]link exchange[/url] should i do to receive PR?

and lastly...

Thanks to whoever can answer these for me

samwhisp     04 Jun 2006, 20:00


A few websites are PR10 ( of course, but also , ...)

Usually when Google starts browsing and referencing your website, it gives a PR2 or 3. The PR is given by Google and depends on the number of websites that link to you (and the quality of those links - a PR7 link is better than 10 PR2 links!). But nowadays a lot of criterias are used to decide whether the page is relevant, not only PR.

For more information, read:

  EasyExpat     11 Jun 2006, 15:58