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Template Packages

01 August, 2005 19:19  EasyExpat EasyExpat

In order to make the handling of templates easier, templates can be managed from within the administration interface. Templates can also be uploaded as packages with a special format since uploading all the files that make up a template, one by one, would be a too cumbersome process.

The only thing that makes this "template packages" special is that first of all, they are compressed and second of all, that they follow a specific directory structure. Regarding the directory structure, let's assume that our brand new template set is called, very originally indeed, "new-template". The directory structure is very simple and it has to look like this:

  • main.template
  • postandcomments.template
  • error.template
  • posttrackbacks.template
  • commentarticle.template
  • albums.template
  • album.template
  • resource.template
  • searchresults.template

The main thing is that all the files are under a folder which is the identifier that will be used to refer to the template set. Once you have finished the template set and you have the files residing under the right folder, it has to be packed in order to make it easier to upload.

You can then use Control Center->New Blog Template.

You will find more help on how to create and modify templates on the documentation.

If you are looking for more help on EasyExpat's blogs, do not forget that we have a dedicated forum.


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