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How to add a tag to count visitors (example with Xiti)

01 August, 2005 19:43  EasyExpat EasyExpat

In order to add a tag provided by Xiti (or any other javascript tool providing stats), you can just implement the code in between {literal}...{/literal} (smarty code to allow javascript), such as:


<p align="center">
<!-- Xiti -->
<script language="JavaScript1.1">
hsh = new Date();
hsd = document;
hsi = '<a href=""'
hsi += ' TARGET="_top"><img width="39" height="25" border=0 '
hsi += 'src="'
hsi += '&p=&hl=' + hsh.getHours() + 'x' + hsh.getMinutes() + 'x' + hsh.getSeconds();
{Xiti_s=screen;hsi += '&r=' + Xiti_s.width + 'x' + Xiti_s.height + 'x' + Xiti_s.pixelDepth + 'x' + Xiti_s.colorDepth;}
hsd.writeln(hsi + '&ref=' + hsd.referrer.replace('&', '$') + '"></a>');
<a href="" TARGET="_blank"><img width="39" height="25" border="0" src=""></a>
<!-- end Xiti -->


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