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Blogs: Guide and Usage

14 July, 2005 20:59  EasyExpat EasyExpat

How do I get my own blog?

If you have your own site you can use blogging software but if you don't Easy Expat can help you set up and run a free blog on this site.

Reading interesting things and contacting interesting people are the main reasons why people get involved in the internet, and an online diary, or blog is a great way to do both.

So, now the next time you find something cool online or have something you want to get off your chest try a blog.

What is a blog?

If you have an opinion that you want everyone to hear, or just want to write down some of your personal thoughts, then a blog is a great way to get all these ideas published on the internet.

You can write anything you want on your weblog, from what you did today to what you think about certain issues as well as links to your favourite websites.

A blog is an online diary or journal that sits on a web page and can be read by anyone with access to the internet.

The most popular bloggers update their blogs on a daily basis, with diary entries and comments on the issues of the day.

They also recommend other blogs that share similar interests, and offer visitors the chance to respond via e-mail or message board facilities.

You can register your own blog or just browse through a variety of different subject categories for a link to a blog you might be interested in.


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