Moving internationally: why “hands-off” is sometimes better!

24 November, 2015 13:50  EasyExpat EasyExpat

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AGS Movers: packing

So you’ve just signed the papers for a new job offer overseas, and your removal checklist looks like this: pack boxes, find the cheapest quote and move! In this feature AGS Movers advises against that approach, explaining the benefits of using a quality-accredited leader in the removals industry.

Yes, it’s a super-exciting time for you and your family, and it’s easy to get swept up in the moment. You’ve packed for international holidays before, so an international removal can’t be that much more difficult, right?

"70 000 families entrust AGS to move them every year"

Actually it is – that’s why 70 000 families entrust AGS to move them every year – and we have over 40 years’ experience solving exactly the sort of problems which you’d be faced with if you tried to do this all yourself.

For example, that checklist at the beginning has a major red flag: packing boxes.

"…your household valuables are a lot more fragile than those clothes that somehow survived being squeezed into your holiday luggage…"

AGS offers our clients specialised packing services, and it’s precisely because your household valuables are a lot more fragile than those clothes that somehow survived being squeezed into your holiday luggage with the aid of a helpful kick.

We know it sounds strange: you don’t usually think of your fridge, cupboards or couches as fragile, but unsightly dents or scratches can easily result from unskilled handling or packing.

Leave the packing to the professionals

AGS’ promise to all our clients is ‘You deserve the best’, and that starts right at the start with packing. We strongly advise that you leave this critical phase to us, because not only will it ensure you don’t start off your international journey with a painful back strain, but you’re guaranteed that your valuables will soon adorn your new home in good condition.

There are horror stories from well-intentioned DIY people having nasty experiences when unpacking their household items, only to discover that they’ve incurred a substantial cost to transport broken items that they’re now going to have to replace at yet more cost!

"…your dedicated removals consultant will guide you through the process of preparing your household items for the removal day…"

When using AGS, by contrast, your dedicated removals consultant will guide you through the whole process of preparing your household items for the removal day, and help you to ensure that your shipment proceeds smoothly through the Customs procedures at the countries’ borders.

We have a range of special packing materials and purpose-designed boxes, which will protect even your most fragile items. Our international network of warehouses will also keep everything secure while your goods are awaiting shipment or delivery.

Closing the gaps

AGS offers All Risks insurance cover for even more peace of mind: this protects your household goods from door to door!  Although the modern maritime industry is very sophisticated, unplanned loss – ranging from port explosions to container ships sinking – should still be protected against.

Now that you know that your household goods will be well taken care of, remember to ask your AGS removals consultant about our other integrated services!

We can offer you and your family relocations assistance – helping you to settle in at your destination – and also offer specialised solutions for the transport of vehicles and even whole offices.

Best of all, AGS offers these high-quality services at competitive prices, and there are personalised options to fit every budget. For more insights into these, click here for our previous article on understanding your biggest decisions when moving internationally.

With 129 locations in 83 countries, AGS is ready to serve you on both sides of your removal!

Request your free quotation online now or visit for more information.


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AGS truck


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Article sponsored by AGS

AGS Worldwide Movers

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